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Monday, May 11, 2015

Changing your Name on MS Word 2007

I just realized that all my edits on documents and my own documents are worked on by someone called "user." This is the default name used during installation.
I was just able to change the settings and my own name "Chhimi Dorji" shows up.

I googled and found the following most useful= with pictures! It might help you!

How do I change my initials in Word 2007?

Access Word Options by clicking the Office button at top left, then Word Options at the bottom:
1 word options 2007
Your Word Options box will open on the Popular tab and you can now change your name and initials:
1 2007

How do I change my initials in Office 2010?

Click on the File tab and select Options:
2 word options 2010
Click on Options, and you can change your name and initials:
2 2010

How do I change my initials in Word 2013?

First click on the File tab:
3a word options 2013
Select Options at the bottom of the list (use the arrow in a circle at the top left to get back to your document):
3b word options 2013
Click on Options and change your initials and name:
3 2013

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